Mr. Bugabug has a bug's life secret. His wife, April Bugabug, wants to have a special treat to feed their baby Bugabugs after they are born. Mr. Bugabug knows right where to get her what she wants, and so he sets out on a risky adventure for the love of his life and their unborn baby Bugabugs.

Mr. Bugabug soon finds that things don't always go the way we plan. Through unforeseen circumstances, he forms an unusual friendship that makes the difference between life and death. Among other things, Mr. Bugabug gets a glimpse of what it's like for a family dealing with cancer and learns about an alternative approach to cancer survival.

His journey is full of adventures, close calls, danger, and excitement. To his dismay, he finds himself in a situation where he must make a decision whether to share a bug's life secret, in which no other bug has ever done. Come along with Mr. Bugabug far, far away. Will he be able to the keep the secret? Will his journey be successful, or will he end up being squashed?
Jewell Cartales is an actress, model, and host. More importantly, she is a mom of four and a grandmother of ten. Believing it is always beneficial to read to a child, she began reading to her children in their first week of life. Reading quickly became a special time they enjoyed together for many years and inspired her children to become avid readers. Jewell had a desire to write a chapter book that moms, dads, teachers, or others could read to children, and that children could read for themselves. Mr. Bugabug is years of fantastical thought and storytelling. She lives in Florida with her husband and two youngest daughters. More about the author, Jewell Cartales >>